There is only one thing required to start your own restaurant / food chain – passion for food. Passion is vital to do anything. If you study, most of the hotel owners or restauranteurs are the one who are indefinitely passionate about food and hospitality. Few to name are – Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Neha Mehta and etc. The collected experiences of these celebrity restauranteurs reflect a conventional finding - food is an adventure for them. And their passionate drive pushed them to become celebrity entrepreneurs in the food & hospitality industry. Major percentage of people, whether they are on hotel jobs in chennai or hotel jobs in Mumbai or any city for that matter, everyone have a dream to start their own restaurant at some point of their career. If you find the similar urge and passion for food and hospitality, check out the below listed three most fundamental aspects for your restaurant business, you need to decide upon, before you launch your restaurant brand in the market with your recipe creations:

1. Study your COMPETITION – That’s the first thing you need to do, once you have made up your mind to start your restaurant. With uncountable numbers of food chains and eateries in the market, you must know what they are already serving and what kind of foodies the other restaurants are targeting on. While studying the competition, ask yourself, why people check in here. The reason can be – their incredible recipes, ambience, approachable locality, service, offices nearby, etc. This will help you make your own report of findings and create your own hallmark to drive customers to your restaurant.

2. Create a MENU – The ground work done according to the first point will further contribute in deciding the menu for your restaurant. This is the first physical crucial aspect of your business. Even if you choose to go ahead with the basic recipes, like, North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Thai, Chinese, Continental and etc. cuisines, what uniqueness or twist you can bring in the basic regular recipes. It can be with the taste or presentation of the dishes or any other facet you can think of. This will be the strongest USP of your brand to pull in the market.

3. Locate a LOCATION – Once you have decided on your recipes that you are going to serve in your restaurant, the second physical crucial aspect of your food business will be to decide a location where you want to open it, as per your budget. The idea is that, your eatery should be visible and approachable to the crowd. A restaurant’s location is as decisive to the success of your business, as great food and services. Check your approachability to run your restaurant, where in, your procurement needs are taken care of in terms of expenses and delivery time and check the customer’s approachability as well to your restaurant.

The great chunks of entrepreneur in food industry are ex hoteliers and it is easy to reason it why. While in a hotel jobs or restaurant jobs, apart from expected job roles, one learns many other facets of the business. With background and experience in hotels and restaurants, you automatically have a great network of people in this industry and this in return will definitely help you in your brand marketing when you launch your own restaurant. Hotel jobs in India or abroad make you skilled enough to be confident to run your own business. But then, above all, passion counts the most, because skills can be picked up with time and experience, first you must have the fire of passion to start your restaurant venture.