6 Captivating reasons to work in the Hospitality Industry

6 Captivating reasons to work in the Hospitality Industry

What brings you to seek an opportunity to work in hospitality sector? Hospitality sector is one of the most thriving and incipient industry in India, amongst other service industries at the moment. Let’s begin with some grilling of the word meaning of hospitality. To a layman it simply means – to be welcoming, a friendly gesture that makes you comfortable. But when asked from few self-motivated hoteliers, it was amusing to discover the new facet to understand why they were working in hospitality industry, or why it was the right place for them to be. From all the catalyst drive, we have listed here six most significant reasons, why hospitality should be a career choice:

1. History speaks hospitality:

Hospitality industry is one of the most historical industries. Mankind has always been a traveller with an ambition to discover new boundaries and beauties of this planet. Travellers required shelters to halt, to rest, to feed themselves. Travellers like Ibn Batuta and Rumi poet used to leave some alms or some token out of courtesy to the people who provided them shelter in their long journey. This is how the hospitality industry was born. People saw the opportunity and gradually in evolving phase of mankind, it became livelihood, a mode to earn for survival.

2. It’s the most diversified field and has vast opportunity:

Hospitality is one sector that’s so widely spread across the globe. And then it has numerous opportunities as well. Opening of one hotel in an area, brings in so many job opportunities for the people in and around the hotels directly, for the people who have to work in the hotel and indirectly for the people who are required to provide other services to run the hotel, like, procuring of groceries, daily requirement of dairy products and likewise. Speaking about the smallest job of a gardener to the top levels in Management of the hotel, like, General Manager, Director and etc., this industry has so much of scope.

3. It has the proficiency to groom you – professionally and personally:

To serve customer and clients, one needs to be presentable, not only in terms of physical outlook but there are lot more things that come into consideration, when we say, to be presentable, be it to be technically expert or an always self-motivated attitude to deal with any situation or personal hygiene and likewise . But the first thing that one needs to be is hospitable. Starting from a chef, cooking recipes in the kitchen, to the bellboy assisting a guest to locate the room. Everyone needs to be imbibed with the hospitable attitude. Hence, this attitude doesn’t only groom you to be good professionally, but helps you become a much better person.

4. This is a place for people who love to make someone’s day and also earn out of it:

Once a hotelier shared – working in hotels is to be extremely being multitasking in your job role, especially for those who deal with the guests directly, like employees in room service, front desk and all. Apart from their defined KRA’s they also are required to be a psychologists, marriage counsellors , story tellers, complaint listeners, pals and the list goes on. This additional role depends upon the kind of guests they are assisting. The guests may forget the interiors of the room, details of the cutlery and taste of the recipes, but the human mind never forgets the connect they make while travelling or the stay and these hotel staffs become smiles and stories in the hotel stay episode of that guest.

5. It’s a place to breath creativity:

Who said that only people who can paint, sing or dance are artists? An artist is always agreed to be creative being as their work exists on creativity. To be a hotelier is no less creative, if one wants to be. The chef paints with colourful recipes on the plate, for instance. Each and every hotel staff works hard to create the comfort zone for the guest, so that when they walk out of their hotel or restaurant, they should remember the experience and not only the exuberant hotel building. Creating that memorable experience is indeed creativity.


6. Hospitality industry is the most human centric industry:

Human touch to everything in a hotel or a restaurant is the most vital biological technology ever required. In the best hotels of the world, which has everything, like sensors to switch on the light and etc. we still need people to welcome the guests with a welcoming smile. Hence, the most important resource of this industry is indeed human resource which cannot be replaced with any technology. The quality of experience is remembered even after we forget the price we paid and that experience can only be ensured with human emotions and attitude.

“Hospitality is love in action. Hospitality is the flesh & muscles in bones of love.” As rightly quoted by the author Alexander Strauch in his book The Hospitality Commands. Working in Hospitality industry is all about to be hospitable in whatever way one can be – cooking, cleaning, arranging, assisting, selling, making reservations, serving and etc.