Food Industry is the latest in line to traverse into hitherto unknown areas, thanks to increased awareness about food and nutrition in the overall wellbeing. Of course, fast expanding middle class across the globe and increased demand for the fine dining actively aiding the process as well. As the industry expands, a variety of career opportunities are being thrown open. The new career opportunities are a perfect choice for those creative and innovative souls who love jobs in food and restaurants.


A few exiting jobs in food industry for keen to pursue an innovative career.

Food stylist

Gone are the days of food is for pleasing the taste buds. Nowadays, it’s more of soul pleasing, hence the demand to present food aesthetically.  A food stylist is someone who has a keen eye for the details of food and presents it by highlighting the colour, texture and serving sizes to look it as elegantly as possible. In simple words, he/she is an artist with a passion for food. There are many jobs in hotels for stylists.


Health Coach

Most of the present day chronic diseases are caused by sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition.

Here where the health coaches come into the picture. They are nutrition experts and lifestyle coaches. Health coach designs a personalized wellness routine using the nutrition and lifestyle changes to achieve better overall wellness. If you are keen about wellness through food, it is for you.


Urban Farmer

The growing demand for organic foods in urban areas is leading the way for urban farming. Particularly, the herbal plants, decorative flower plants, and organic vegetables are on demand in urban areas. With the latest farming technologies, often without using the land all these can be cultivated in urban areas. If you love farming, a bright career is awaiting you.


Vegan Chef

In order to retain the naturally occurring nutrition in a food item, a variety of cooking options are being used, mostly for vegetables. Vegetables are a rich source for many micro and macro nutrition. Each vegetable’s nutrition can be tapped by adopting a different cooking option like baking, boiling and steam cooking. Some vegetables are best used raw. Vegan cook jobs are rising steadily.