What is True Ice Wine?
What is True Ice Wine? One would expect ice wine to have a long history in winemaking, but it does not. In fact, ice wine has only been around for about 200 years. The prevailing theory of its "birth" centers on a German winemaker who was surprised by an early frost. He decided to press the frozen grapes anyway, but separated them from the rest of his vintage so as to avoid ruining everything. To his surprise, the resulting wine was pure and sweet. Ever since, ice wine has been produced to some degree in all wine producing countries of the Northern hemisphere, including Austria, Ge

10 STEPS to serve on a Table with Children at a Restaurant
10 STEPS to serve on a Table with Children at a Restaurant Bringing children to a restaurant is always very nerve-wracking for parents. Will my kids behave themselves or will they disturb other tables? As a server, we can help the parents out with their kids, making it an enjoyable time for every party involved. In just a few easy steps, you can learn how to wait on a table with children. STEPS Scope out the scene. This may sound odd but that is exactly what you do. Determine the age of the children. See how they are acting before you walk over to the table. Greet the table. You will gre

8 Food Items That Work Well As Gifts
8 Food Items That Work Well As Gifts Do you know someone who loves food and likes to try new tastes? If you have a friend who has an adventurous spirit when it comes to food, why not buy him or her food gifts for their special days?   1) If you go online you can find gourmet foods, or festive food such as turkey, game and all the trimmings. You don't have to queue up and order food from the high street anymore. You simply order the items you want and have them delivered. If the food is intended to be a gift, then you can have it gift wrapped and sent to a friend anywhere in the w

10 Important Points you should not miss in a Minutes of Meeting
10 Important Points you should not miss in a Minutes of Meeting Minutes of meeting are the live written record of a meeting. A well-recorded minutes is an effective tool to define accountability, enhance the performance of the team and minimise challenges due to miscommunication. Recording the Minutes of meeting and communicating to all promptly on time would be of great help to improve managing team downwards and , in some cases, also to manage upwards in hierarchy. Scheduling and organising meeting is itself a challenge amidst busy operation and, without a proper record of the meeting, it w

7 Keys to Create a Staff-Centric Service Culture
Seven Keys to Create a Staff-Centric Service Culture Success begins with an investment in your team members. Too often business leaders become so focused on their customers, they fail to properly invest the time, money and energy in their most valuable asset: their own team. Successful service leaders recognize these seven keys to staff-centric service. 1. Hire Service Oriented Staff Members Invest the time during the hiring process to interview those staff members that have direct influence on your service levels. This responsibility is delegated too often. Performing a two level approa

Easy Tips for Wine Temperature
Easy Tips for Wine Temperature  A Guide to Temperatures for Red, White and Sparkling Wines We often hear the direction, "serve your reds at room temperature." Well, in earlier days before central heating and air conditioning, room temperature was about 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit (F). Today a normal room temperature is 70 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (F). This happens to be too warm to serve reds with the correct range for the temperature for red wine being 60 to 65 degrees F. Also, our refrigerators today can run as low as 37 degrees F. No wine should ever be served less than 40

12 STEPS to Be a Great Hostess or Host in a Restaurant
12 STEPS to Be a Great Hostess or Host in a Restaurant As a host or hostess, you are the first and last person guests see at a restaurant. Because of this, you must always be alert, attentive and efficient. Keeping the restaurant orderly, making sure guests are happy, and keeping track of what's going on at each table are just some of the ways you can keep your guests happy. Keep track of each station. Make a chart of each server's station, and what tables are in it (also learn the table layout by heart). Review all reservations for your shift, and assign suitable tables for each.

5 Top Tips for Matching Food with Wine
5 Top Tips for Matching Food with Wine The matching of a wine to a particular food is quite a skill, but once your palate develops - all it takes is practice - the task will become easier. Food matching tips from the experts is a great place to start, and get a feel of wine-tasting terminology. An accurate description of a wine will make it much easier to match it up with a food. 1. Try to match the wine with the dominant flavour of the dish to find a good balance between the two. Here are a few matching suggestions: Foods with a naturally higher acid content, including many fruits and chee

10 SMART tricks to increase your TIP income
10 SMART tricks to increase your TIP income Hard work gets you returns but some Smart work multiply your return 5 times. Sometimes very good service may not be enough to increase your tip income. We have shortlisted 10 easy tricks from the study of Professor Michael Lynn, just for you. Try them and see your tip income rising upward. Most of the tests described below were conducted in casual, mid-scale to downscale dining establishments, simply because it’s harder to get permission to run experiments in higher-end restaurants. If you work in a fine dining atmosphere, use your own common

3 Simple ways to descale Coffee Kettle in Guest Rooms
3 Simple ways to descale Coffee Kettle in Guest Rooms A kettle that is full of lime-scale not only looks terrible, but takes longer to boil and wastes electricity because the scale prevents the element from conducting heat well. Eventually the element can burn out if it is not descaled, so you'd have to throw it out and get a new kettle. I. Using vinegar a) Make up the mixture. Dilute the vinegar with water in a 1:1 ratio. b) Pour into the kettle and leave it in the kettle for 1 hour, without boiling. c) Tip out the vinegar after soaking. d) Wipe down. If there is any lime-scale left


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