10 Acts considered as SEXUAL HARASSMENT at workplace that all female hoteliers must know
10 Acts considered as SEXUAL HARASSMENT at workplace that all female hoteliers must know Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter - Martin Luther King   While we are toiling to make our career castle and running on the steps of career growth, we are bound to come across many work related issues, and one of them being sexual harassment at work place. In 80s the female workforce around the globe was comparatively less than what it is today. With the increasing ratio of the female workforce, the issue of sexual harassment came into highlight when Anita Hi

3 KEY ASPECTS TO START YOUR OWN RESTAURANT BUSINESS There is only one thing required to start your own restaurant / food chain – passion for food. Passion is vital to do anything. If you study, most of the hotel owners or restauranteurs are the one who are indefinitely passionate about food and hospitality. Few to name are – Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Vikas Khanna, Chef Neha Mehta and etc. The collected experiences of these celebrity restauranteurs reflect a conventional finding - food is an adventure for them. And their passionate drive pushed them to become celebrity entrepreneur

THE WORLD'S OLDEST HOTEL - NISHIYAMA ONSEN KEIUNKAN   Japan’s NISHIYAMA ONSEN KEIUNKAN is considered as the oldest hotel in the world. It was founded in 705 AD, managed by the descendents of Fujiwara Mahito – all 52 generations of them – have operated the inn, for the last 1,313 years. It was founded during the 2nd year of the Keiun era, which was the reason for the hotel’s Keiunkan name. With that sort of longevity, the hotel was named the world’s oldest by the Guinness Book of World Records.  The world’s second oldest hotel – the

5 CONTEMPORARY HOSPITALITY TRENDS HOTELIERS MUST KNOW Indian hospitality sector is one of key drivers of growth in Indian service sector. 8 per cent of the total employment opportunities were generate alone by hospitality & tourism industry, in India, in 2017. Looking at the opportunity side, many international chains have already opened hotels and restaurant chains, across the country, specifically in all metropolitan and capital cities. Hospitality sector is among the top 10 sectors in India to attract the highest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Hence, this industry has, visibly a huge

6 Captivating reasons to work in the Hospitality Industry
6 Captivating reasons to work in the Hospitality Industry What brings you to seek an opportunity to work in hospitality sector? Hospitality sector is one of the most thriving and incipient industry in India, amongst other service industries at the moment. Let’s begin with some grilling of the word meaning of hospitality. To a layman it simply means – to be welcoming, a friendly gesture that makes you comfortable. But when asked from few self-motivated hoteliers, it was amusing to discover the new facet to understand why they were working in hospitality industry, or why it was the

TOP 4 EMERGING CREATIVE JOBS IN FOOD INDUSTRY Food Industry is the latest in line to traverse into hitherto unknown areas, thanks to increased awareness about food and nutrition in the overall wellbeing. Of course, fast expanding middle class across the globe and increased demand for the fine dining actively aiding the process as well. As the industry expands, a variety of career opportunities are being thrown open. The new career opportunities are a perfect choice for those creative and innovative souls who love jobs in food and restaurants.   A few exiting jobs in food industry

8 Food Items That Work Well As Gifts
8 Food Items That Work Well As Gifts Do you know someone who loves food and likes to try new tastes? If you have a friend who has an adventurous spirit when it comes to food, why not buy him or her food gifts for their special days?   1) If you go online you can find gourmet foods, or festive food such as turkey, game and all the trimmings. You don't have to queue up and order food from the high street anymore. You simply order the items you want and have them delivered. If the food is intended to be a gift, then you can have it gift wrapped and sent to a friend anywhere in the w

How to make a BUTTER COFFEE
                                 How to make a BUTTER COFFEE I can hear some people thinking YOU MIGHT BE CRAZY! especially if you haven’t heard about Butter coffee before. So, we thought this might be useful to create some awareness by reading the article by Mathew James Hall. Although adding butter to your coffee won't turn you into superhero, it sure as hell makes you feel like one. Find out the many benefits of adding butter to your coffee, and how to make it yourself. Adding a spoonful of b